Graphic Designs

1WTC 4th of July, 2014
Steve Jobs Stamp
Steve Jobs Tribute Stamp, 2015
NYC Poster
NYC Travel Poster, 2015
One last Ride, 2015
Movie Poster
I, Frankenstein, 2015


GONYC Website
GONYC, 2014
PS Gaming
PS Gaming, 2015
Planetside Gaming
Planetside Gaming, 2015
Movie Tickets, 2015


Design has the power of always being different in every project which allows you
to expand your own culture to research ideas within a creative process.
Having a passion for graphic design and designing concept web sites, I can
use my creative process and concepts to inspire clients and audiences that would wow them.
I am a minimalist which helps my designs to keep it simple, clean, and modern.
In my work, I construct my designs on bright stunning pop-eying images and minimalistic
fonts, while maintaining the theme of the design. I create web designs with less traffic
throughout the page and inputs a style which helps the audience navigate the page with ease.
Each project consists of multiple works, ranging from advertisement design to web design.
During research and production, new areas of designs arise and lead to my next body of work.

About David

David Choi was raised in Queens, New York and graduated from LaGuardia
Community College with a degree in New Media Technology. Having a deep
passion with graphic and web design, David can design concepts of websites
and vector graphics using various computer softwares ranging from Adobe
Illustrator to Adobe Photoshop. Looking to add more concept designs to
his work, David plans to use his creativity to design graphic art and web pages
in a modern, minimalistic style.

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